Brekeke SIP Server Wiki

Configure Brekeke SIP Server for Microsoft Lync or OCS

Note: You can use the following configuration for Microsoft Lync.
Note: in this instruction, Mediation Server’s IP addresses are (Inbound: Brekeke SIP Server -> OCS) and (Outbound: OCS -> Brekeke SIP Server).

Add the following DialPlan rules in Brekeke SIP Server.


Rule-1: From OCS to Brekeke SIP Server


Matching Patterns Deploy Patterns
$addr =

$request = ^INVITE

&net.sip.transport.follow.request = true

$auth = false $continue = true


Rule-2: From Brekeke SIP Server to OCS
Matching Patterns Deploy Patterns
$request = ^INVITE
$registered = false
To = sip:(.+)@
&net.sip.transport.follow.request = true 
&net.sip.fixed.addrport.uas = true
$auth = false
$continue = true
$transport = TCP
To = sip:+%1@

(If a destination SIP-URI is not registered in Brekeke SIP Server, the call will be forwarded to with the prefix “+” ).


OCS Mediation Server Configuration

Set Brekeke SIP Server’s IP address at [PSTN Gateway next hop].

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