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Define outgoing From and To headers with / method

Since Brekeke SIP Server v3.1.4.4, slash “/” can be used in Dial Plan rule [Deploy Patterns] to define display name, URI parameters in From and To headers.


From/ | To/

  • displayname
  • uri
  • uri/param/<name>
  • param/<name>


[Matching Patterns]
$request = ^INVITE

[Deploy Patterns]
From/displayname = test 
From/uri = sip:1111@
To/uri/param/transport = "" 

With above dial plan rule, for any incoming call, change From header display name to “test”, URI to sip:1111@, as “test” <sip:1111@>
and remove transport parameter from To header if it is defined in the To header of the incoming INVITE.

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