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Disconnection occurs during a call

Either caller or callee can not hear anything before call gets disconnected.
Or sudden disconnection

  • When you use a machine which implement SIP protocol improperly, SIP session fails and may get disconnected after about 1 minutes.
  • When sounds do not go through properly, there are cases that either the UA (phone) or Brekeke SIP Server disconnect the session. Please check timeout setting.
    • Brekeke SIP Server : Go to [Config] > [RTP]> [RTP Session Timeout (ms)]
    • Brekeke PBX : Go to [Options] > [Media Server system settings] > [RTP Session Timeout (ms)] Please refer to one way call for more details.
  • The call may have reached to [Talking timeout]. Please check [Talking timeout] setting on both Brekeke SIP Server and Brekeke PBX.
    • Brekeke SIP Server > [Config] > [SIP(Advanced)] > [Timeout] > [Talking Timeout (ms)]
    • Brekeke PBX > [Options] and check [Talking timeout ] for both [PBX system setting]and [Media Server system setting]
  • Since ITSP tends to use old version of SIP standard, there are some cases that they can not process lr parameters. Please set [B2B-UA mode] on from SIP Server >[Configuration]>[SIP], or set $b2bua = true in the applicable deploy pattern in the dial plan.
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