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Heavy loads alert with Brekeke Heartbeat

With Advanced Edition of Brekeke SIP Server, you can use heartbeat E-mail Notification function to receive an alert if there are heavy loads.

In this example, Brekeke SIP Server sends an alert mail if the number of concurrent calls reaches 500.


1. Add the following DialPlan rule and click [Apply Rules] button.

[Matching Patterns]
$request = ^OPTIONS
$ $sessionnum, "500" ) = true

[Deploy Patterns]
$action = 486


2. Go to [Configuration]>[Heartbeat] page, create [New Heartbeat].

3. Set the following variables and push [Save] button.

[Monitoring Method] SIP
[SIP URI] localhost
[Response Codes] 486

4. At [Heartbeat] page, push [Add Action] button.

5. Select “Send Email” and follow the section “1) Send Email” (page 43) in the Brekeke SIP Server Administrator’s Guide

6. Push [Start] button.

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