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How to tune T1 timer

Depending on RFC3261, if there is no response from the destination, Brekeke SIP Server will resend SIP INVITE to the destination and then wait till INVITE timeout happens.

The minimum interval for resending INVITE(Timer 1) is 500ms and the time interval to resend the next INVITE is the double-time interval of the previous INVITE. The total number of resending INVITE is 6 times, and it will take about 32 seconds (500ms+1s+2s+4s+8s+16s).

The default setting of Timer 1 is 500 ms. It can be tuned with variable “net.sip.timer.t1



If you want to shorten the total INVITE resending time to about 7sec, there are following ways to set Timer1 to 100ms.

– Set from Brekeke SIP Server Admintool > [Configuration] > [Advanced] page as below, and restart Brekeke SIP Server from Admintool.



– Add the setting to related Dail Plan rule [Deploy Patterns] as blow, and click on [Apply Rules] button.

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