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Installing Java SE

Oracle Java SE

Installing Java SE is required prior to installation of Brekeke products.

  1. Go to:
  2. Download and install the appropriate version of JRE or JDK for the type of Windows OS you are running.


Here, as an example, OpenJDK 11 is installed.

1. Go to the OpenJDK web site (
2. Click the latest JDK’s link. (ex.
3-1 For Windows
     Click “Windows/x64 zip” at the [Builds] section.
3-2 For Linux
     Click “Linux/x64 tar.gz” at the [Builds] section.


How to install OpenJDK on Windows
1.Extract the files from the downloaded zip file.
2.Move the extracted folder “jdk-11.x.x” to “c:\”
3. Open System settings > [Advanced] > [Environment Variables] page.
   You can open it when you enter “environment varialbe” at the search console.
4.Select “Path” at [User variables] or [System variables]. Then click the edit button.
5. Add the new java path “C:\jdk-11.x.x\bin” to the environment variable “Path”.
6. Click “OK” button.
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