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Parameter to bind IP address for RTP relay between UAC and Brekeke SIP Server. (available v3.7.6 or later)


&net.rtp.ifsrc = <IP address>
&net.rtp.ifsrc = <IP address>:<port>

*If <port> is not specified, BSS will not replace the port value on SDP.

* This parameter can be used in the case RTP relay is Off.




When Brekeke SIP Server has multiple IP addresses, an appropriate IP address is automatically selected for relaying RTP packets. However, you can also specify an IP address that is used for relaying RTP packets at each Dial Plan rule in the case such as controlling RTP route/traffic.

With the parameter, Brekeke SIP Server automatically binds an IP address and overwrites connection information at SDP header for RTP relay.



<Brekeke SIP Server>

The server has the following 4 IP addresses:



&net.rtp.ifsrc =

RTP packets between UAC and Brekeke SIP Server are relayed with the following IP addresses;


UAC( <—–RTP packets—–>( SIP Server (192.168.1.X) <—-RTP packets—–>UAS(


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