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Get an item from a specified contact of the phone book.


$pb.item( item_key, number )

$pb.item( item_key, number, tag1, tag2, tag3 )

item_key – key of an item

Field item_key
First name $firstname
Last name $lastname
Company $company
Home $tel_home
Work $tel_work
Mobile $tel_mobile
Email $email
Address $address
Notes $notes

number – phone number of the contact in the phone book

tag1 – domain or tenant (for PBX MT)

tag2 – user or <blank if shared> (for PBX)

tag3 – phone book name



An item value of the contact of the phone number


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Where the function can be used:
  • Preliminary rules
  • Regular rules


$pb.item("$email",$getSIPuser(From),"mytenant",,"myphonebook") = (.*)

Get an email address of the caller.


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