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Port Allocation failed

If there are not enough RTP ports, Brekeke SIP Server will reject a call with “486 Busy Here”.
An administator can recognize it at Brekeke SIP Server admintool > [Call Logs] page as “Port Allocation failed” in [result] column in the log line for the call.
Please go to Brekeke SIP Server admintool > [Configuration] > [RTP] page and raise the value of [Maximum Port].


How to calculate the number of ports needed:

Each SIP session with RTP-relayed by Brekeke SIP Server consumes 4 ports (2 for RTP, 2 for RTCP).
By default, there are 1000 ports opened for both RTP and RTCP, which means the maximum 249 concurrent RTP-relayed calls can be handled.

For example, to handle 400 concurrent RTP-relayed calls, 400 x 4=1600 ports are needed.
Need to set [Configuration] > [RTP] as

[Minimum Port] = 10000
[Maximum Port] = 11600

Increase file descriptor limit on Linux

If Brekeke SIP Server is running on Linux system, you need to increase file descriptor limit to a number greater than the number of ports used by Brekeke SIP Server.

1. open and edit /etc/security/limits.conf

2. change the number in following lines to a larger number, such as

* soft nofile 10240
* hard nofile  10240

3. restart pc


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