Brekeke SIP Server Wiki

Quickstart Guide for Push Notification

What’s Required?

  • Brekeke SIP Server or Brekeke PBX version or later
  • Product license with Push Notification option enabled for Brekeke SIP Server or Brekeke PBX
  • iOS application which supports SIP and Push Notification
  • Apple Push Notification Service SSL Certificate for the application

Step 1 – Setting up (Brekeke SIP Server or bundled SIP server for PBX)

  1. In the [Push Notification] -> [Settings] page, set “on” at the [On/Off].
  2. In the [Push Notification] -> [Application] page, push [New Application].
  3. In the [Edit Application] page:1) Set the application name in the [Application name] field.
    e.g:  My Application

    2) Set the Application ID (AppID) in the [Application ID] field.

    3) Select the file type of Apple Push Notification Service SSL Certificate from the [File Type].

    4) Set the certificate and key files or keystore file.

    5) Set “on” at [Sand box].
    If “on” is selected, will be used as the APNS gateway.

    6) Push [Save].

  4. Restart the Brekeke SIP Server (or Brekeke PBX)

Step 2 – Device Registration

  1. Enable the notification in an iOS device for the application.
    Note:  If you use AGEphone, select “Brekeke SIP Server” profile from the template list.
  2. For sending the device token from the application to the Brekeke SIP Server (or bundled SIP server for PBX), register the user with SIP-REGISTER.
  3. If the REGISTER has the device token correctly, the device will be listed in the [Push Notification] -> [Devices] page
    Note: Brekeke SIP Server (bundled SIP server for PBX) gets a device token from the “pn-tok” parameter of a Contact header.

Step 3 – Send Test Message

  1. In the [Push Notification] -> [Devices] page, select the username and push [Send Notification].
  2. Write a message in the dialog box and push [Ok].

Step 4 – Notify Incoming Call

Add the Dial Plan rules listed in Sample Dial Plan: Notify Incoming Call

Step 5 – Troubleshooting

Use the settings described  in Logging Variables for Push Notification for writing logs.

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