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Execute RADIUS Pre-Authentication

Available only in Advanced and upper Editions


$radius.preauth( username, caller_ID, called-ID, password )

username – the username. If it is omitted, the username part of From-URI will be used.
caller-ID – the caller ID. If it is omitted, the From-URI will be used.
called-ID – the calee ID. If it is omitted, the To-URI will be used.
password – the password. It can be omitted.



true – if the preauthentication succeeded.
false – If the preauthentication failed

Also property variables listed below will be set.

&preauth.result - the same value as the return value.
&preauth.h323-return-code - H323-return-code value (if exists)
&preauth.h323-credit-time - H323-credit-time value (if exists)
&preauth.h323-credit-amount - H323-credit-amount value (if exists)
&preauth.h323-currency - H323-currency value (if exists)


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Where the function can be used:
  • Preliminary rules
  • Regular rules



Refer to RADIUS PreAuthentication.


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