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Replace default gateway

When Brekeke SIP Server starts as the primary server (whether if it was set as the primary or take over as a primary after a failover), Brekeke SIP Server tries to assign the default gateway IP address by using the value set at  [SIP Server]>[Redundancy]>[Mirroring] >[Gateway IP address].  (Applicable only when Linux OS is used as server OS.)

However, as default, Brekeke SIP Server does not replace the existing value when the default gateway has already been assigned at the system.

If you would like to make Brekeke SIP Server replace the default gateway IP address, the following parameter can be set at [Configuration] >[Advanced].

net.ifmanage.cmd.add.gateway = /sbin/ip route del default && /sbin/ip route add default via %{gw}






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