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Resume to the State before Failover

Follow the steps below to resume the setup of Brekeke SIP Server (both primary and secondary) to the state before the failover.

After the failover:

Server – A: The original “Primary” server

Server – B: The original “Secondary” server (This server was running as “Primary” after the failover occurred.)


Steps: (v3.9.1.0 or later)
1. Click  [Switch the role] button.

Log in the Brekeke SIP Server Admintool of one of the servers (Server – A or Server – B).

Go to [SYSTEM] > [Redundancy] > [Mirroring] page.

Click [Switch the role] button.


2. Check [Status] at both servers.

Log in the product admintool of both servers.

Go to [SYSTEM] > [Redundancy] > [Mirroring] page.

Check the following fields at the [Status] section:

Server – A

role : Primary
service-address : <Service IP Address> (assigned)

Server – B

role : Secondary
service-address : <Service IP Address> (not assigned)


Steps:(v3.8.x or earlier)
1. Shutdown Server-B.

Go to [Status] > [Start/Shutdown] page.

Click [Shutdown] button.


2. Remove the virtual IP address from the Server-B.

Go to OS’s network settings.

Remove the virtual IP address (e.g. from the OS.


3. Assign the Server-B role to “Secondary”.

Go to the [Redundancy] > [Mirroring] page.

Select the “secondary” at the [Role] field.


4. Start the Server-A.


5. Start the Server-B.


6. Start the Heartbeat at Server-B.

Go to [Redundancy] > [Heartbeat] page.

Push [Start] button.


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