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Sample Dial Plan: Notify New Voice Message

With Brekeke PBX, the following Dial Plan rule sends a notification when a new voice message is received in the voicemail box. It also shows the number of new vocie messages as a badge on the application icon. The variable $pn.notify.counter defines the badge number.

[Matching Patterns]
$request = ^NOTIFY
$getSIPuser(To) = (.+)
$pn.user("%1") = true
Content-Type = application/simple-message-summary
$body("Messages-Waiting: (.+)") = yes
$body("Voice-Message: (\\d+)/") = (.+)

[Deploy Patterns]
&pn.notify.user = %1
&pn.notify.message = You got new voice message
$pn.notify.counter = %2
$continue = true


At Brekeke PBX, you need to set the following:
[Options] > [Phone Type] > (select phone type) > [MWI (NOTIFY without SUBSCRIBE)] = on


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