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How to update web server (Apache Tomcat)

You’ll need to manually update web server (Apach Tomcat) when Brekeke products’ version has been updated. Follow the following procedure to update the web server:


For Windows OS (when the executable installer is used):
  • Stop service of the Brekeke product
  • Confirm if all related java process is stopped at task manager
  • Create a backup of webapps folder located under product folder
  • Uninstall the Brekeke product
  • Install a new version of the Brekeke product (At this point, do not start the service)
  • Delete the webapps folder under the newly installed software and replaced with the backup file that you created in above step
  • To avoid unexpected overwriting files, remove .war file under webapps folder.
  • Start the service of the Brekeke product


When Apache Tomcat is used:

Process the version updated following the instruction given by Apache


Also, We recommend turn off autoDeploy and liveDeploy of Tomcat.

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