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Upgrade Brekeke SIP Server from v2 to v3

  1. Access Brekeke’s online store to purchase upgrade your current v2 license to Brekeke SIP Server v3 license.
  2. Download a backup file from Admintool > [Maintenance] > [Back up].
  3. From Admintool > [Maintenance] > [Activate License] page, re-activate current license or input new v3 license ID if needed.
    you will get a 2-day temporary license after processing above step
  4. Download Brekeke SIP Server version 3 [Updates & Upgrades] zip file and unzip the file
  5. Upgrade Brekeke SIP Server to version 3 from Brekeke SIP Server v2 Admintool > [maintenance] > [Update Software] by uploading “sip.war” file downloaded in step 4
  6. Restart Brekeke SIP server machine and start Brekeke SIP Server service
  7. There will be Brekeke SIP Server version 3 activation page shown when access Brekeke SIP Server admintool again.
  8. Read the EULA carefully.
  9. Choose either activate with current license or with a new version 3 license ID
  10. Activate License at the next screen.  For details, refer to wiki “Update license changes” section.

Upgrade from Brekeke SIP Server v2 to v3 has been completed and you can access Brekeke SIP Server v3 admintool.

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