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Upgrade your evaluation license to a commercial license – with a new Product ID


Once you process the payment for your purchase, you will receive your commercial license (product ID) via email to your registered email address.

If you have already been using a trial version of Brekeke SIP Server  (Trial product ID), and you have received a new Product ID when you purchase a commercial license (Standard or Advanced Edition), follow the steps below to update your trial product ID to the licensed commercial product ID.

  1. At the menu [Restart/Shutdown], confirm that Brekeke SIP Server Status is [Inactive].
  2. Click [Maintenance] menu.
  3. Select [Activate License] submenu to activate license.
  4. Read the EULA carefully.
  5. Enter the commercial Product ID, and choose an activation method (online or offline)
    (For details, refer to wiki “Product Activation” section.)
  6. Go to the [Restart/Shutdown] screen and restart the Brekeke SIP Server.

After restart, you can confirm the change of license status from the bottom-left corner of Admintool Login page.


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