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What is the Brekeke SIP Server (BSS)?

The Brekeke SIP Server(BSS) is an open standard based SIP Proxy Server and Registrar. It authenticates and registers user agents such as VoIP device and softphone, and routes SIP sessions such as VoIP calls between user agents.

The Brekeke SIP Server has the following main functions:



The Brekeke SIP Server will route SIP requests from a SIP user agent or another server to the most appropriate SIP URI address based on its Registrar Database. By specifying desired routing settings in the Dial Plan, you can also prioritize your routing. If the routing resolves successfully on the server, you can establish a session even when the final SIP URI address is unknown to the caller. Using Regular Expressions, you can easily create a Dial Plan rule that will analyze SIP headers or the IP address of SIP packets to route calls. For example, you can set a prefix for each location with Dial Plan settings. Such settings are especially useful for multi-location office usage of the Brekeke SIP Server.



The Brekeke SIP Server receives REGISTER requests from SIP user agents, and updates its Registrar Database. SIP URI in the REGISTER request will be added in the database as a user’s address. Using the registrar function, you will be able to receive calls from any SIP user agents using your unique SIP URI.


NAT Traversal

When caller and callee are located on different networks, the Brekeke SIP Server can connect calls by rewriting SIP packets appropriately. It is common to have private local IP addresses within a LAN environment; thus, NAT Traversal service is necessary when a local user is establishing a connection with another user in the global IP network (Internet). Depending upon the situation, Brekeke SIP Server will relay RTP packets to prevent losing media data such as voice and video. The NAT traversal feature on the Brekeke SIP Server supports both Near-End NAT (the server and SIP user agents located within the same firewall) and Far-End NAT (SIP user agents located on the other side of a firewall of a remote network).


Upper/Thru Registration

Upper/Thru Registration is a unique feature of the Brekeke SIP Server that allows easy configuration of parallel users of pre-existing or other SIP servers. By forwarding REGISTER requests to specified SIP servers, the feature allows users to register their SIP user agents at the other SIP server and the Brekeke SIP Server simultaneously. For example, with this feature, users can register their SIP user agents at an ITSP, thus users under the Brekeke SIP Server can talk with other users in the ITSP or receive calls from PSTN.



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