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Alert message displays when accessing with https

Issue 1:

An alert message pops up when accessing Brekeke UC with https.

An alert message, such as “The site’s security certificate is not trusted!” is displayed when accessing Brekeke UC using an unauthenticated certificate.


Solution 1:

When using Google Chrome, you may be able to access the site by clicking on [Proceed anyway] button; however, we recommend using Trusted Root Certification Authorities by following the steps shown below:

  1. Get a certification file from the padlock icon located on address bar > Certificate > Details (tab) > [Copy to File…]
  2. Import the file acquired in the step above at Settings > Advanced > Manage certificates > Trusted Root Certification Authorities (tab) > [Import…]
  3. Restart Google Chrome

When using Firefox, there is no exception such as accepting the warning message, and you will need to import the certification to access the page.

Issue 2:

An alert message pops up even after importing certification following the steps described in Solution 1.


Solution 2:

The “Common Name” of the certification you create in Solution 1 must match the server’s domain of the host of the site. Create “Common Name” to match the host’s domain.

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