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Mail Service Integration with Brekeke CCS

Brekeke UC provides mail integration service between Brekeke CCS and 3rd party cloud mail services.



Note: Mail integration feature is available Brekeke UC version or later, and the mail integration license option is needed.




Brekeke UC

Step 1. Integrate Brekeke UC with Brekeke CIM.

Enter URLs of your Brekeke CIM and UC at the [Server settings] page.



Step 2. Open Email setting page at menu list > Tenant settings > Email.




Step 3. Enter your mail service’s connection information and Click save button.

Here is just an example of Gmail.

[Application name] : any name

[Webchat service ID] : Set a Webchat service ID for mail integration. Here as an example, set “mail_service1” that will be created at the next step.



Step 4.  At the setting page of the specific tenant, Turn on [Webchat] and click [New service] button to create the new service  “mail_service1“.

Field Name Explanation Example
Service ID  Enter any name. It will be used as an identifier of service mail_service1
Description  Enter any description. For email integration
Type ACDs : mails will be forwarded to the ACDs specified at the [Target] field.

Users: mails will be forwarde to the users specified at the [Target] field.

Target Enter target acd names or user names with comma separator. acda1  *1
Options Set options *3 {“primary_app_info”:{“url”:””}, “editor_types”: “Email”}  *2

*1. Here, we assumed that the acd “acda1” exists at Brekeke CIM will be used for email forwarding.

*2. Change address and port  in the value of “url” key to proper one for your enviroment.

*3. For details of options, refert to the section “2-1. Webchat service options” at the webchat settings >>



Brekeke CIM

Step 5. Regarding agents assigned with ACD “acda1“,  confirm that the “UC” feature is enabled on each user setting page.




Brekeke CIM/CRM

Step 6. Login Brekeke CRM as an agent.

When an email from a customer is comming to the mail box set at the step 3,  the email is forward to Brekeke CIM, then (1) the email is displayed on the Chat panel of the agent.

Also, (2) on Brekeke CRM agent view, system automatically searches customer information by sender’s email address, and shows it if it exists.



Step 7. An agent can send a reply email from a Chat panel.



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