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How to add custom flags to each contact result - Brekeke CRM

From Brekeke CRM Version or later, you can add the multiple flags to each contact result.



Step 1. At Brekeke CRM, move to the [Project menu] > [Settings] > [Contact Result] menu.

Step 2. With the JSON format, add the flags to the each contact result at [Options] of the [Result] fields.


    {"value":"Complete", "flags" : [ "success", "ok" ] },
    {"value":"Incomplete", "flags" : [ "ng" ] },
    {"value":"Incomplete2", "flags" : [ "ng" ] }

Step 3. At the same page, set the script that automatically saves flags tied to contact results into database.

In order to be kicked the script when when agents save a contact result during their operation,  select  a “onContactResultCommit” at the “Auto Exe” field.


var agentWidget = Brekeke.CTI.getClientApp().getAgentWidget({});
var call = crmAgent.getCallInfo();
var flags = $["result"].getValueOption( "flags" ); ; //for debug
if(call && call.callId != 'no_call'){
    var ev = {};
    ev.callId = call.callId;
    ev.callInfo = {};
    ev.callInfo.callTag1 ='|' + flags.join( '|' ) + '|'; ; //for debug


In this case, if an agent selects “Complete” as a contact result in the agentview, the string of the flags “|success|ok|” is saved  into the callTag1 field.

If an agent selects “Incomplete” or “Incomplete2” as a contact result in the agentview, the string of the flag”|ng|” are saved into the callTag1 field.



* The following fields are reserved for storing customized information.




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