Connecting with Sangoma NetBorder Express Gateway

This document contains basic information on how to setup Automatic Route Selection (ARS) to work with Sangoma NetBorder Express Gateway.
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To install Sangoma NetBorder Express Gateway, please refer to the user guide for system requirements and installation instructions about board and software.


Configure Sangoma NetBorder Express Gateway

The default port where the Netborder Express web configurator listens for connections is 7783. Connect to the Web interface with http://localhost:7783/


Routing rules

Configure routing rules to send inbound calls to a Brekeke PBX user Such as: PBX IP is and calls will be routed to pbx user 1000, then set as below

<rule name="default_sip_out" outbound_interface="sip" qvalue="0.001">
<condition param="transfer" expr="false">
<condition param="" expr=".*">
<condition param="" expr="(.*)">
<out_leg name="" media_type="sendrecv">
<param name="sip.out.requestUri" expr="sip:1000@" />
<param name="sip.out.from.uri" expr="sip:%0@GW_HOST_IP:GW_SIP_PORT" />
<param name="sip.out.from.displayName" expr="Netborder Express Gateway" />
<param name="sip.out.transport" expr="udp" />


Dial Plan or ARS Setting

For Brekeke SIP Server Users, please check wiki post Connecting Gateways with BSS

For Brekeke PBX users, please check wiki post Connecting Gateways with BPBX or Update Issues from v2.2.7.7 and before
Sample ARS Pattern-OUT for outbound calls at [Brekeke PBX Admintool]>[ARS]>[New Route]

Pattern – OUT

Matching Patterns: 

Deploy Patterns: 
  1. If host system has more than one IP addresses, you need to either assign only one IP address to the pc
    or set ” ” in Netborder_installation_directory/config/
  2. To pass the DID to Brekeke PBX
    please refer to for settings
  3. The DTMF has to be sent in the rtp stream as described by RFC 2833
    To enable RFC 2833 DTMF support, go to netborder_installation_directory/config/
    uncomment “”
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