Setup inter-tel (AIO-71):


1. Login the inter-tel admin console with browser.

default admin password is “admin“.

2. Configure SIP Account

Move to the [Account] > [Basic]. Then Enter the information to connect Brekeke SIP server / Brekeke PBX.

Here is an example of settings:

SIP Account

Account: Account 1
Account Active: Enabled
Display Label: 101
Display Name: 101
Register Name: 101
User Name: 101
Password: xxxxxxxx (Enter the sip user's password)

SIP Server 1

Server IP: (Brekeke SIP Server's IP address)
Port: 5060


* In this case, you need to create the following SIP user account at Brekeke SIP Server ( beforehand.

User : 101
Password: xxxxxxxx



3. Click “Submit”

After submit, if the status is changed to “Registered” properly, the device can be registered by Brekeke SIP Server / Brekeke PBX.



In the case that video call feature of inter-tel is used with Brekeke PBX, you need to enable video at the phone type setting in Brekeke PBX.

Video calls with Brekeke PBX

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