Mobotix T24M-Sec-D11 Hemispheric IP Video Door Station

Connecting to Mobotix T24M-Sec-D11

Set up Mobotix T24M with a fixed IP address (ex: and subnet mask ( ex.
Please refer to Mobotix T24M manual for details about setup

Access Mobotix T24M webpage by it IP address, ex:
Log in with default username and password: admin and meinsm

Click [Admin Menu], the admin menu page will pop up
From [Network Setup] section, you can change device ip


Configure Mobotix T24M-Sec-D11

Set up as following to register Mobotix T24M to Brekeke SIP server
and  also send and receive calls between Mobotix T24M and Brekeke SIP server.

  • Enable Mobotix T24M speaker and microphone
    From [Admin Menu]/[Audio and Phone]/[Loundspeaker and Microphone], select and test Microphone and Speaker
  • Mobotix T24M VoIP Setttings
    From [Admin Menu]/[Audio and Phone]/[VoIP Settings fro SIP telephony], set following:
    [Setup Mode] Expert Setup
    [General Phone Settings]/[VoIP] enabled
    [SIP Settings], set following:
    [User Name] Mobotix T24M user name, ex: 66
    [SIP Domain] Brekeke SIP server IP, ex:
    [Registrar] Brekeke SIP server IP, ex:
    [SIP ID] Mobotix T24M SIP ID, ex: 66
    [SIP Password] authentication password, ex: 1234
    [Audio Codec Settings] select audio Codecs
    [Video Settings] select Preferred Video Codecs
    Click [Set] button at the page, and Mobotix T24M registration record will show at Brekeke SIP Server admintool > [Registered Clients] page.
  • Accept calls from Brekeke SIP server to Mobotix T24M
    From [Admin Menu]/[Audio and Phone]/[Phone Call-In for incoming SIP voice calls], set:
    [Phone Call-in] VoIP
    [Accepted Phone Numbers of SIP Addresses] input the possible caller SIP address from Brekeke SIP server to restrict call to Mobotix T24M, ex: sip:111@
    [PIN Code] pin code entered by caller to restrict calls to Mobotix T24M
    [Audio Mode] Intercom
  • Send calls from Mobotix T24M to Brekeke SIP server
    1. From [Admin Menu]/[Audio and Phone]/[Phone Profiles for outgoing SIP voice calls], set phone number and connection type Mobotix T24M making calls to.
      Click [Add new profile], and set:
      [Profile] a ring group name or a phone name, ex, test
      [Phone Number or SIP Address] a callee number dialed from Mobotix to Brekeke SIP server, ex, 111@
      [Connection type] audio or video call to the callee numbers set in this profile, ex, SIP Video
      [After the message has been sent] select communication mode when call established, ex, Intercom
      [Hangup after] select call duration, ex, Never
      Multiple phone numbers can be addes under one profile
    2. From [Setup Menu]/[Action Group Overview], add new group, ex, Brekeke
      Edit group Brekeke, and set:
      [Event Selection] BL-Button Left, this the Bell button on the Mobotix T24M for making a call
      [Action Details] select the action about how to ring the phones set in the profile created above
      [Actions] add new action, and select [Value] Phone Call:test, here test is the profile name created above
  • save the settings
    From [Admin Menu]/[Configuration]/[Store current configuration into flash memory], click [Store into Flash] to save the above settings.
Configure Brekeke SIP Server

If authentication for REGISTER and INVITE is set ON at Brekeke SIP Server ,
please create authentication account for Mobotix T24M from Brekeke SIP Server admintool > [User Authentication] page, set the same SIP ID and SIP password at Mobotix side as above.
Then you can see Mobotix registered record from Brekeke SIP Server admintool > [Registered Clients].

If calls are between registered user at Brekeke SIP server, there is no extra setting needed.
Otherwise, please check dial plan document for setting up dial plans to accept or make calls from or to unregistered clients.

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