Product ID & Activation

  1. Product ID
    1. How do I receive the product ID?
    2. I requested an evaluation license, but I haven't received the ID.
    3. What is my license (Produce ID)?
    4. I lost my license
    5. Haven't activated my trial license. Will it still work after 60 days?
    6. How do I change my registered email address?
  2. Product Activation
    1. Initial activation
    2. Update license
    3. Activation buttons grayed out
    4. "online" vs. "offline" Activations?
    5. Changing activation method
    6. Online Activation
      1. Online activation - When you have a HTTP proxy
      2. Online activation - what you need to set at your firewall
      3. Troubleshooting - Online activation
      4. Securely connect to Brekeke's license system
    7. Offline activation
      1. Troubleshooting - Offline activation
  3. Error message
    1. Activation button is grayed out
    2. You are using a temporary license
    3. License is not available (Error Code: 22)
    4. License does not match the recorded machine signature
    5. Wrong Product ID
    6. Invalid ID
    7. License validation failed
    8. License is invalid. (Expired)
    9. License is invalid. (System Error)
    10. License is invalid. (Failed to activate)
    11. License is invalid. (Mulitple Installation)
    12. License is invalid. (Version Error)
    13. License is invalid. (Wrong product code)
    14. License does not apply to SIP/PBX server
    15. The license file is invalid.
    16. Unable to download lc from localhost
    17. Failed to activate. Offline activation is not allowed for this license.
    18. You are using a temporary license. Days until expiration: 2
    19. Unknown Error: License Status (8)
    20. Unknown Error: License Status (15)
    21. PBX is stopped. Failed to update license information via online activation method.
  4. How to move your license
    1. How to move your license (online activation method)
    2. How to move license (v3.1 earlier / offline method)
    3. Request a license transfer
    4. Brekeke Software License Transfer Policy
    5. Migrate license without interuptions (online activation)
    6. Migrate license without interuptions (offline activation)

How to migrate a license without interruptions (offline activation)

When you have to move a license to a different machine, but you cannot interrupt the service you are running. This example will help you successfully migrate your system.

Example setting
  • Product ID (BR123123123)
  • Server A (Current production server that runs the Brekeke product)
  • Server B (New server that you wish to move the Brekeke product to)
  1. Activate the Product ID (BR123123123) at Server B
  2. You will receive a temporary license status at Server B
    (See to learn about temporary license status)
  3. Prepare Server B for the migration within 5 days. In those 5 days, both Server A and Server B will run without any interruptions.
  4. Once you are ready to move the production service to Server B, request a transfer from Brekeke. Please note that we ask that you give us at least 24 hours to reset your license for the transfer.
    (Instruction for the transfer request can be found here: “How to move your license)
  5. To avoid any license issues, make sure to uninstall/delete the Brekeke file from Server A. 
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