Product ID & Activation

I am not sure which license (Product ID) I am using. How can I retrieve it?

For version 3.4 or later, you can confirm your license information at “About Brekeke XXX” (such as Brekeke SIP Server, Brekeke PBX) from the setting menu on the left-upper corner.

For versions v3.3 or earlier, the information is located at the bottom-left corner of the [Restart/Shutdown] page under the product ID display. Please note that it shows only the last 10 digits of your product ID.

After getting the last 10 digits of the product ID, we suggest you search using the partial license information in your email archive to find out the product ID. If you still can’t find the product ID, try “I lost my license” or contact us via email at license [at]


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