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403 Forbidden

If you see a response code 403 on the events list in the [Start/Shutdown] page, followigng case may be the case of the issue.


The registering destination server (ITSP, SIP trunk) returned an error code 403.

– Check your user/password or the other registration settings.

– Contact your ITSP/SIP trunk and ask why the response code 403 is returned.


The SIP server does not have a global IP address interface while the registering destination is a global IP address.

– Set a global IP address as an interface address at [SIP SERVER] > [Configuration] > [System] page.  You may need port fowarding settings at your router.  Please refer to How to set port forwarding? and Using Brekeke PBX with a firewall.

– Remove the following line (or change the right side to false) from the rule “Thru Register” in the Dial Plan.

  &net.registrar.onlyglobal = true
Yes No
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