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Call Recording

All options for Call Recording can be configured on a user-by-user basis in Brekeke PBX Admintool. Your system administrator can set the default Call Recording state in [Call Recording]: on/off at the user’s setting menu in Brekeke PBX Admintool. The total number of recorded messages and voicemail messages cannot exceed the number set in the [Max stored messages] field in the [Options] menu. Recorded messages can be stored in the same location as the user extension’s voicemail messages or in user call logs.


1. Recording While a Call Is in Progress

To start recording while a call is in progress, dial #6. To stop recording, dial #6 again. You will hear a beep sound when call recording starts and a buzz sound when it stops. The buzz sound will not be heard by the other party.


2. Recording Monitored (Supervised or Conference) Calls

While you are monitoring (supervising) someone’s conversation, or participating in a conference call, you can start recording by dialing #6, but only you and the person you are supervising will hear the buzz sound.


3. Recording Option When Initiating a Call

If you want to specify the Call Recording option when initiating a call, dial 6*<user extension number> for Record=on and dial 60*<user extension number> for Record=off. When answering a parked call, supervising a call or joining a conference, dial the recording numbers after 8*, 9*, 0*, * or **.


4. Call Recording Patterns

With the settings in [Call Recording patterns*], Brekeke PBX users can restrict call recording only to certain extensions. For example, if you enter 1* in this field, only calls to or from the numbers with prefix 1 will be recorded.



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