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How to use Paging function?


Paging function is also called Auto Answer. Brekeke PBX v3, by using its default dial plan in the SIP Server, invokes phones’ paging function. The phones will answer incoming calls automatically without picking up handset when they receive the paging information sent in SIP header by Brekeke PBX.

For details about what phones work with Brekeke PBX paging function and how to set paging function on the phones, please see How to set paging function on the phone side.


Setups for paging function

1. Turn the paging function on at phones side

2. Invoke paging funtion by settings in Brekeke PBX

  • Automatic paging Mode for Brekeke PBX v3
      • Open the [User] > [Inbound] page, which you want to use paging on
      • Check the [Paging] checkbox after the phone in the list, to which the call will be answered automatically
      • Save the change


  • Paging using prefix
    • Dial 22*(extension) to invoke extension’s paging function from key pad

For more parameters which can use with {page} parameter, click here

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