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Paging[1] is also called Auto Answer. Brekeke PBX can invoke a SIP phone’s paging function. The phones will answer incoming calls automatically without taking the handset off-hook when they receive the paging information sent in the SIP header from Brekeke PBX.


Use one of the following options to make a call with paging:

  • Dial 22*<user’s extension>.
  • To page a specific user’s extension automatically, enter <user’s extension>{p} or <user’s extension>{page} on that extension’s [Inbound] page.


For other parameters used with paging, refer to the “Parameters and Syntax“ section.


1. Automatic Paging
  • Set user extension B’s [Other Forwarding destinations*] as B{p} or B{page}.
  • A calls B.
  • The phone(s) assigned to this user that support paging will be connected without ringing.

[1] A list of SIP phones that work with the Brekeke PBX paging function and a sample configuration are available at Brekeke Wiki > [Interoperability] > [SIP Phones] > [How to set paging function on the phone side].


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