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Switch plan in user extension

The following example shows the setup about switching user extension plans by making call from phones which are assigned in PBX user extension. Available from Brekeke PBX v3.2.x and later.

1. Create two IVR extensions by selecting [type] “Switch Plan”

such as:

[IVR extension] plan1
[Type] Switch Plan
[Plan number] 1
[IVR extension] plan2
[Type] Switch Plan
[Plan number] 2


2. Go to user extension [Inbound]page, such as user extension 100 then create two plans (plan 1 and plan 2) with differnt forwarding schedule in each plan


3. Then go to this user extension [Settings] page, and set:

[Resource map]

When user 100 dials 111 from his phone, plan1 will be set as active in this user [Inbound] page
When user 100 dials 222 from his phone, plan2 will be set as active in this user [Inbound] page


If user 100 phone supports BLF, user can monitor active plan status by setting plan1 and plan2 (“plan” as a prefix for switch plan) in phone BLF setting for phone keys.
Such as, set Linksys SPA962 BLF function key as: fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=plan2@
the related phone key will show this user extension plan2 status.


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