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Authentication Problem (401 Unauthorized)

If the UA cannot register to the Brekeke SIP Server (BSS) successfully, or get “401 Unauthorized” response,  check the following configurations.

  • Authentication username and password are the same on both BSS and UA side
    Make sure you need to create a user in the [User Authentication] page.
  • Auth for registration is set to “on” at the BSS
    See the [Configuration]->[SIP] page -> [Authentication]-> [REGISTER].
    If you don’t need to authenticate users, set it to “off”.

What is used as the realm value in Brekeke SIP Server ?

  • The [Realm] field can be found and defined at BSS > [Configuration] > [SIP] > [Authentication]
  • If [Realm] is set to blank, Brekeke SIP Server will use server PC’s host name
  • If the hostname is not defined in the OS, Brekeke SIP Server will use its IP address.

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