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Cannot register my UA(phone) to Brekeke SIP Server

  • Make sure that there are valid users in [User Authentication] page.
    If you don’t want to use Authentication, please disable it at [Configuration] > [SIP] page. In the default, REGISTER and INVITE authentications are “on”.
  • Make sure that settings on the machine are correct.
    Specify your Brekeke SIP Server’s domain and IP address as SIP URI in UA setting. (Make sure not to specify the address of the UA (phone) as SIP URI on the TO/FROM header )
  • Make use correct realm is used on clients when auth for registration is set ON at Brekeke SIP Server
    check Authentication Problem
  • Make sure Brekeke SIP Server’s Interface IP Address is correct
  • You may experience registering problems when your Dial Plan is missing “$request=^INVITE” in Matching Patterns. Ensure that your Dial Plan is correct.

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