Brekeke SIP Server Wiki

1. Brekeke SIP Server Auth Plug-in Requirements

1. User Directory

As a minimum requirement, the user directory must include a user name and password for each user. The Brekeke SIP Server only queries but not add or delete user data. Therefore, you must create and delete users with another tool.


2. Plug-in

The plug-in will be loaded as a Java class. It is recommended that you use supported Java version for developing a plug-in. The class for the plug-in must be implemented by UserDir interface (refer to the next section).


The methods that should be implemented in the plug-in class are listed below:

Method Name Action
init() Initialize the plug-in
close() Close the plug-in
lookup() Search a user
append() Add a user
remove() Delete a user
getCount() Get a total number of users


Please refer to the section 5 Methods for additional details.


For compiling your program, include the following path in the CLASSPATH.



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