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Dial Plan

The Dial Plan menu is for editing Dial Plan rules. Please refer to section below for details about the Dial Plan syntax.



The Rules page shows the list of existing Dial Plan rules. The rule in the higher position in the list has the higher priority. You can drag the rule to change the priority of a rule dragging the arrow icon locating beneath the rule number. Disabled rules are shown in grey. The buttons at the right side of each rule are for copying and deleting the rule. Clicking on a rule name will open the editing page.

By pressing the [Apply Rules] button, you can apply the new rules or modified rules even while the server is running.

Field Name Explanation
Pri Priority of the Dial Plan rule
Name The name of the Dial Plan rule
Matching Patterns Defined condition
Deploy Patterns How the SIP request should be processed


Button Explanation
 Copy Copy the Dial Plan rule
 Delete Delete the Dial Plan rule
Apply Rules Save and apply changes
New Rule Create a new Dial Plan rule

By clicking on a rule name, the dial plan rule editing page will display.



The rules defined in Preliminary page will be processed before the rules defined in the  Rules page. By defining block action rules in Preliminary page, Brekeke SIP Server blocks the matched incoming SIP packets and add the source IP address to Blocked IP addresses database. This feature can used to prevent future malicious activities from the same blocked IP Addresses.


New Rule/ Edit Rule

By clicking on [New Rule]  under Rules or Preliminary page, an administrator can create a new Dial Plan rule. Edit page opens when  a rule name is clicked.

Item Explanation
Rule name Name of the rule
Description Description of the rule
Priority Priority of the rule
Disabled When it is checked, the rule is disabled and displayed in gray.


Item Explanation
Matching Patterns List of Matching Patterns

Please refer to section “Matching Patterns”.

Deploy Patterns List of Deploy Patterns

Please refer to section “Deploy Patterns”.

Variable The name of variable

By pressing […] button, a list of variables will be displayed. You may also copy and paste any variable into the “Variable” field.

Value For Matching Patterns:

a value of the variable should match
For Deploy Patterns:

the value that will be assigned to the variable


Button Explanation
 Insert Insert the specified definition in [Variable] and [Value] fields into the given list box.
 Delete Delete the selected definition. The deleted definition is displayed in [Variable] and [Value] fields.
 Down Move the selected definition down
 Up Move the selected definition up
Save Save the Dial Plan rule and return to the [View Rules] page
Cancel Cancel the changes and return to [View Rules] page



The History page shows the most recent SIP packets processed by Brekeke SIP Server. By clicking on the packets number in No. column, the packets details page will be displayed. The number of the packets shown in the page can be modified in [Maximum history records] field from [Configuration] > [SIP] page [Dial Plan] section. The change will take effect after restarting Brekeke SIP Server from Admintool.


Import / Export

You can import and upload new Dial Plan rules with the Import Rules option.

Select a Dial Plan table file to import Dial Plan rules from [Browse…] button and then click the [Upload] button to upload Dial Plan rules.

You can export the existing Dial Plan rules to another location using the Export Rules option.



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