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Dial Plan Basics

The Brekeke SIP Server’s Dial Plan defines rules for routing, filtering and actions. The Dial Plan can also be used for setting environment variables and modifications of selected SIP headers. Regular expressions are used for defining those rules.

The Dial Plan can consist of multiple rules. Each rule is defined with the pair of Matching Patterns and Deploy Patterns. When all conditions set in the Matching Patterns are satisfied, the actions defined in the Deploy Patterns are applied.

By setting a Dial Plan, you can achieve the following functions:

  • Routing
  • Filtering
  • Modifications of SIP headers
  • Load Balancing
  • RTP relay settings
  • Call Session Plug-ins
  • Call Dial Plan Plug-ins
  • Setting Environment Variables


Create and Edit Dial Plan

To edit the Dial Plan, open [Dial Plan] menu. For creating new Dial plan rule, select [New Rule] option. For editing a current Dial Plan rule, click the corresponding edit icon. Please refer to the following pages for more details.



You can also edit Dial Plan files directly. Your changes will be in effect after you restart Brekeke SIP Server. The Dial Plan file is located under the install directly:



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