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Error "Cannot open database"

This could be caused by one of the following problems:

  • Another Brekeke SIP Server is running on the same machine.
    Please reinstall or stop another Brekeke SIP Server.


  • TCP port 9001 (the port used by HSQL databases) is in use by another program. 
    Please terminate the program that is using TCP port 9001. 
    or set another port other than 9001 at sip server admintool > [Configuration] > [Database] page -> [Embedded Database] -> [Port Number] and restart SIP server. 


  • Brekeke SIP Server was installed in a folder that doesn’t have read/write permissions. (When installed without using the Windows installer program)
    Please refer to the Brekeke SIP Server Administrator’s Guide, and re-install Brekeke SIP Server.


  • The program can not open the database because it can’t secure enough memory or hard disk space to run the program.
    Please check that you have enough free memory and hard drive space.


  • The program can’t find “localhost”.
    Please set “/etc/hosts” correctly.
    For Linux, please edit “/etc/nsswitch.conf”.
    1. Open the file /etc/nsswitch.conf
    2. Find the line “hosts:”
    3. Edit the line as below.
      hosts: files dns
    4. Reboot the Linux machine


  • The database file might be broken.
    1. Go to <Brekeke SIP Server installation dir>\webapps\sip\WEB-INF\work\sv
    2. Delete the folder “db”
      (If the file is in use, kill Brekeke SIP Server’s “java” processes.)
    3. Rename the folder “db_backup” to “db”
      or copy folder “new” from <Brekeke SIP Server installation dir>\webapps\sip\WEB-INF\work\sv\develop\db to <Brekeke SIP Server installation dir>\webapps\sip\WEB-INF\work\sv\, and rename folder “new” as “db”


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