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          1. &net.rtp.binddst
          2. &net.rtp.bindsrc
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          4. &net.rtp.ifsrc
          5. &net.srtp.dst
          6. &net.srtp.src
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      14. Decline calls from non-numbered callers (SIP ID)
      15. Reject non-registered caller's call
      16. Restrict registration only from single UA
      17. Restrict Upper or Thru Registration
      18. Count registration records per user
      19. Set a registered client never expire
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      27. Execute SQL query from Dialplan
      28. Define outgoing From and To headers with / method
      29. Response Header Definition
      30. DNS-SRV failover
      31. Failover with the Dial Plan
      32. Change payload type
      33. Change RTP Connection Info
      34. Disable RTP-Relay if SDP indicates a Public IP address
      35. Change Contact header
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Parameter to convert SRTP to RTP and vice versa. (available v3.7 or later)


&net.srtp.dst is available in Advanced Edition only.

&net.srtp.dst = "true" or "false" or "ifsupported" or "auto"

The parameter defines a protocol between Brekeke SIP Server and UAS. The paramter is enabled when RTP relay is ON.

true : SRTP only.  If UAS does not support SRTP, the session will be disconnected.
ifsupported : Try to use SRTP if UAS supports SRTP.
false : RTP only.
auto : Try not to do RTP/SRTP conversion if not needed. (default)


&net.srtp.dst = true

When above parameter is set,  UAS uses SRTP.
In case UAS does not use SRTP, the session will not be connected.

&net.srtp.dst = ifsupported

In this case, if UAS does not use SRTP,  simply RTP will be used.


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