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Parameter to convert SRTP to RTP and vice versa. (available v3.7.6 or later)



&net.srtp.src is available in Advanced Edition only.


&net.srtp.src = "true" or "false" or "ifsupported" or "auto"

The parameter defines a protocol between UAC and Brekeke SIP Server. The paramter is enabled when RTP relay is ON.

true : SRTP only.  If UAC does not support SRTP, the session will be disconnected.
ifsupported : Try to use SRTP if UAC supports SRTP.
false : RTP only.
auto : Try not to do RTP/SRTP conversion if not needed. (default)


&net.srtp.src = true

When above parameter is set,  UAC uses SRTP.
In case UAC does not use SRTP, the session will not be connected.

&net.srtp.src = ifsupported

In this case, if UAC does not use SRTP,  simply RTP will be used.


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