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Get web content

Note: $webget method is available in the Advanced and upper Editions only.


$webGet( HTTP-URI )
$webGet( HTTP-URI, regex )
$webGet( HTTP-URI, regex, TimeoutConnect )
$webGet( HTTP-URI, regex, TimeoutConnect, TimeoutRead )
$webGet( HTTP-URI, regex, TimeoutConnect, TimeoutRead, FlagAcceptanycert )

HTTP-URI – web site’s URI
regex – a regular expression pattern. It should contain a pair of brackets for defining the matched string
TimeoutConnect – a timeout for connecting. The default is 2000 [ms]
TimeoutRead – a timeout for reading. The default is 2000 [ms]
FlagAcceptanycert – it true, accept TLS certificate without validation



If the regex is specified, return the matched web content.
Otherwise, return the first line of the web page.


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Where the function can be used:
  • Preliminary rules
  • Regular rules


$webGet( "","<B>(.+)</B>") = (.+)

Get the string enclosed with <B> and </B> from the specified web site.

$webGet( "","<B>(.+)</B>") = (.+)


$webGet( "","<B>(.+)</B>",,,true) = (.+)

Use HTTPS without certificate validation


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