New and improved functions for the disaster recovery feature

Disaster recovery system that works with YOU

We’ve updated and improved the redundancy function of Brekeke SIP Server and Brekeke PBX. The new version offers one-stop configuration for redundancy settings, and additional configuration options are available for heartbeat function.

For Brekeke PBX, we even added support of multi-site location replication.

Many of you requested a more flexible recovery system. For you, v3.9 is the answer. With v3.9, there is no need to stop or interrupt service while the primary comes back online. You can create a customized recovery plan at the product’s admintool to meet your unique environment and requirements.

As always, we made sure that the existing redundancy settings and the updates will not interfere with each other. You can try new configuration setups or simply continue using the existing settings even after updating the software to v3.9.


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