Brekeke PBX update released responding to Chrome v85 (M85) release

No sound issue is found when Chrome v85 (currently beta) or later version is used with Brekeke PBX and WebRTC-based softphone.

Products Brekeke PBX
Environment Use Chrome v85 (M85) & WebRTC-based softphone
(including bundled Web Phone)
Time Starting August 25, 2020


This issue has been addressed with the updated version (v3.10.3.0), and this “no sound” issue has been resolved.

According to our analysis, this issue is caused as DTLS is not processed correctly on the newer version of the Chrome web browser.


The WebRTC client used with Brekeke CCS will not be affected with this Chrome’s update since WebRTC client used with Brekeke CCS always receives sessions from PBX.


Chrome v85 (M85) is scheduled to be released as a standard release on August 25th. We anticipate this no sound issue may occur after a Chome’s automatic update unless the “DTLS” issue has been fixed before the release.


If you or your customer uses WebRTC-based softphone, we encourage you to update the version of Brekeke PBX to this update version prior to August 25th. 

The details of the update we made can be found here:

Action to take:

Download v3.10.3.0 and update the Brekeke PBX.

Download Brekeke PBX v3.10.3.0
How to update Brekeke PBX