Update released responding to Apache Tomcat Vulnerability


A critical vulnerability named Ghostcat was recently discovered that can allow hackers to take over unpatched systems.

Responding to this report, we updated our version software to address the matter. Please follow the instructions below to assess and address your vulnerability.
Users who may be impacted by Ghostcat:

• Server where Brekeke software installation can be accessed from outside local network
• AJP/13 connector port is set to open


Actions to take:

• Block any external access to the AJP/13 connector port; or
• Update web server by following instructions found at the link here:


More details about Apache Tomcat for Ghostcat vulnerability:



System requirements information for Brekeke SIP Server and Brekeke PBX:



Additional updates for Windows users of v3.9.5.8

We now support AdoptOpenJDK Java besides Oracle’s Java. The AdoptOpenJDK support is added to our installer program for Windows OS, allowing easy installation.

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