Brekeke Contact Center Suite Wiki

Custom data source settings - Brekeke CA (ver.2.7.5 or later)


Step 1. Set the following parameters at [Tenant]>[Settings]>[Engine]>[Advanced options]

<Example 1. For custom data source “custom1” > = {"name":"Project","field":"callProjectId","caption":"callProjectInfo","includeBlank":false} = {"name":"ACD","field":"callAcd","includeBlank":false}


<Example 2. For custom data source “custom2” > = {"name":"Project","field":"callProjectId","caption":"callProjectInfo","includeBlank":false} = {"name":"Agent","field":"curCompleterAgentId","caption":"curCompleterAgentName","includeBlank":false}


Step 2. Create a new report. It is a good idea to copy a default project report and edit it. You can select the data source “custom1” or “custom2” at definition page.


Step3. Set the new fields at [Field Settings] section.


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