Polycom VVX600 Business Media Phone

This document explains how to use Polycom VVX600 Business Media phone with Brekeke products. And make video call with Brekeke PBX video feature

Configure Brekeke products


For Brekeke SIP Server:
  • If [Brekeke SIP Server] > [Configuration]>[SIP]>[Authenticaion]: [REGISTER] and [INVITE] is set as ON
    please create authentication account from [Brekeke SIP Server] > [User Authentication]>[New User], such as
    User: 100
    password: 1234
    Confirm Password: 1234
  • If [Brekeke SIP Server] > [Configuration]>[SIP]>[Authenticaion]: [REGISTER] and [INVITE] is set as OFF,
    no additional setup is needed
For Brekeke PBX:
  • Check the above setup in “For Brekeke SIP Server” about settings at PBX bundled SIP Server
  • Create user 100 from [Brekeke PBX]>[Extensions]>[Users]>[New User]

Configure Polycom VVX600

Set up Polycom VVX600 business media phone with a fixed IP address, such as and subnet mask of
Please refer to the link below for VVX600 manual.

Once the IP address is configured, you can access POLYCOM VVX600 web configure utility from browser with access to (example of selected IP address).

Phone login:

Enter User name: Admin (default)
Enter Password: 456 (default)
Click on [Submit] button

Phone IP address setup:

From menu [Settings] > [Network] > [Ethernet], phone IP address can be changed.

Phone Codec setup:

From menu [Settings] > [Codec Priorities, choose proper audio and video codecs.

Phone line setup:

From menu [Settings] > [Lines], choose and enable a line to set up phone ID and Brekeke server IP address which phone will register to.


Address: Phone Number: Phone SIP ID, e.g. 100 as set above in Brekeke products
Label: phone number or any text shown from phone screen for this line, e.g. 100
Type: Private
Change SRTP settings as your need.


User Login Credentials: disable
User ID: the same as the user set from [Brekeke SIP Server] > [User Authentication], e.g. 100
Password: the same as the password set from [Brekeke SIP Server] > [User Authentication], e.g. 1234

SIP Server 1:

Special Interop: Standard
Address: Brekeke server IP address
Port: 5060
Transport: choose proper transport, for TLS transport setup, refer to section below
Register: Yes

Message Center: (For Brekeke PBX)

Subscription Address: the same as Identificaiton Address, e.g. 100
Callback Mode: contact
Callback Contact: 8

TLS transport setup:

From menu [Settings] > [Network] > [Ethernet] > [TLS] page, upload CA Certificates
From menu [Settings] > [Lines], set up as above but at “SIP Server 1” section set port 5061 which is default port used by Brekeke SIP Server for TLS connection.


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