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How to Setup the bundled Web Phone (Brekeke Phone)

What’s Required?

– Brekeke PAL option (enabled on the evaluation license)

– WSS (WebSocket Secure) option

– HTTPS connection between the server and devices.

– Preconfigure WebSocket over TLS (WSS) settings at the bundled SIP server




*Two (2)  WebRTC sessions are enabled on evaluation license






Step1. Enable PAL WebSocket

Log in Brekeke PBX admintool as system administrator (sa).

At [PBX] > [Options] > [Settings] > [PAL WebSocket],  select “Yes”.

Enter client’s IP pattern at [Valid WebSocet client IP Pattern] using regular expression. (ex. 172\.16\.200\..+$)


Step2. (Multi-tenant edition only)

Enable Web Phone at each tenant.
Select a tenant you would like to add Web Phone function at [PBX] > [Tenants], and move to the [Options] > [Features].

Select “Yes” at [Web Phone].

Restart Brekeke PBX to apply these changes.


Step3. Allow users to use Web Phone

Select a extension you allow to use Web Phone at [Extensions] > [Users].

Set access user at [Settings] > [PAL WebSocket settings] > [Access users].



<Each User>

Web Phone:

Step1.Log in Brekeke PBX admintool with https connection. Select “Web Phone” at [Phones] > [Phone4] > [Type] and save it.

Step2.Click [Web Phone] from the side menu to start using Web Phone function.


Brekeke Phone:

Step1. Install Brekeke Phone application into your smartphone. The application can be downloaded from App store or Google Play.

Step2. Open Brekeke Phone application. At first time, you need to enter account information. Click [CREATE NEW ACCOUNT] button.


Step3. Create login Account.

Field Explanation
USERNAME PBX User Extension. (NOT SIP user)
PASSWORD PBX User’s password.  (NOT SIP user’s password)
TENANT Enter your tenant name. (For multi-tenant edition only)
HOSTNAME PBX Server address
PORT Set PAL Websocket port. Generally, this port is same as the https port (8443 or 443 in many cases).

Do NOT set SIP port. 

PHONE Select the Phone ID that has the “Web Phone” type.

The [Phone 4] has the “Web Phone” type by default.

TURN Disabled as default. If you use a 3rd party turn server, set enable.
PUSH NOTIFICATION If you use Push Notification, set enable.  Push Notification setting on PBX is required.
UC If you use Brekeke UC, set enable. Brekeke UC Server is required.

Click [SAVE] button.

Step4. Click [SIGN IN] button.


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