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How to Setup the bundled Web Phone

What’s Required?

– Brekeke PAL option (enabled on the evaluation license)

– WSS (WebSocket Secure) option

– Preconfigure WebSocket over TLS (WSS) settings at the bundled SIP server



*Two (2)  WebRTC sessions are enabled on evaluation license


Step1. Enable PAL WebSocket

Log in Brekeke PBX admintool as system administrator (sa).

At [PBX] > [Options] > [Settings] > [PAL WebSocket],  select “Yes”.

Enter client’s IP pattern at [Valid WebSocet client IP Pattern] using regular expression. (ex. 172\.16\.200\..+$)


Step2. (Multi-tenant edition only)

Enable Web Phone at each tenant.
Select a tenant you would like to add Web Phone function at [PBX] > [Tenants], and move to the [Options] > [Features].

Select “Yes” at [Web Phone].

Restart Brekeke PBX to apply these changes.


Step3. Allow users to use Web Phone

Select a extension you allow to use Web Phone at [Extensions] > [Users].

Set access user at [Settings] > [PAL WebSocket settings] > [Access users].


<Each User>

Step1. Log in Brekeke PBX admintool with https. Select “Web Phone” at [Phones] > [Phone4] > [Type] and save it.

Step2. Click [Web Phone] from the side menu to start using Web Phone function.


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