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Brekeke SIP Server Failure Notification

Brekeke SIP Server Failure Notification is available on Advanced Edition.

1. Go to Brekeke SIP Server admintool>[Configuration]>[Heartbeat] page.

At [Heartbeat] page, push [New Heartbeat] button.

2. At [Heartbeat Settings] page, set as following and save the settings.

[Monitoring Method]: SIP
[SIP URI]: localhost

3. At [Heartbeat] page, push [Add Action] button under the heartbeat created in step 2.

4. At [Heartbeat Settings] page, select

[Type]:Send Email

and follow the section “1) Send Email” (page 43) in Brekeke SIP Server Administrator’s Guide to set up the other fields.

5. Push [Start] button at [Heartbeat] page. The Heartbeat process starts watching your SIP Server independently.


When the Heartbeat process detects the SIP Server is down, it sends a notification mail to the defined email address.


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