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Monitoring SIP Devices with Heartbeat

With Brekeke SIP server Advanced edition heartbeat feature, you can monitor SIP devices by sending SIP requests to them and get email notification when any of them is down.


  1. Brekeke SIP Server admintool>[Configuration]>[Heartbeat], push [New Heartbeat] button.
  2. At [Heartbeat Settings] page, set as following and save the settings
    [Monitoring Method]: SIP
    [SIP URI]: <a_sip_device_ip:port>
    (For monitoring SIP client registered in the SIP Server, set the SIP-URI with localhost.)
  3. At [Heartbeat] page, push [Add Action] button under the heartbeat created in step 2
  4. At [Heartbeat Settings] page, select
    [Type]:Send Email
    and follow the section “1) Send Email” (page 43) in Brekeke SIP Server Administrator’s Guide to set up the other fields
  5. Push [Start] button at [Heartbeat] page.

When the Heartbeat process detects this SIP device is down, it sends a notification mail to the defined email address.


Change Brekeke Heartbeat SIP request

By default, Brekeke Heartbeat will send OPTIONS request to monitored SIP device IP address:port. If there is no response from SIP device, Brekeke heartbeat will treat the device is down and send email notification.

The monitoring SIP request sent by Brekeke heartbeat can be changed by the following setup:

1. At <Brekeke product installation directory>\webapps\sip\WEB-INF\work\, edit file “”.
Example: To set monitoring SIP request to INFO, add the following line to file:


2. Save the change and restart server pc.


  • Do not set INVITE as Brekeke heartbeat SIP request. It will initiate a call.
  • If SIP device does not support/respond to Brekeke heartbeat SIP request, it can cause Brekeke heartbeat failed even the SIP device is alive. In this case, please change the SIP request used by Brekeke heartbeat as above.


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