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Brekeke CCS Installation Checklist

Common to Brekeke CCS:
Check Point Item
Check system requirements for Brekeke product

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Check tomcat settings (server.xml)

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Set tomcat startup order

In the unit file of tomcat, configure that tomcat need to start after the DB and Network interface become ready. mariadb.service

Is the heap area of Java VM used by tomcat sufficient?

CATALINA_OPTS=”-Xmx8192M -Xms512M”
Xms: initial heap size (default 1/64 of physical memory)
Xmx: maximum heap size (default is 1/4 of physical memory)

Is the number of tomcat threads sufficient?

※Especially for CCS, the value of maxThreads is calculated by the following formula.
– maxThread = (Max concurrent agent logins on whole system) x 2
– maxConnections = same value of maxThreads (recommended)

Is tomcat’s POST size limit sufficient?

maxPostSize unlimited(-1) is recommended.

Tomcat DO NOT add or modify files, including the Tomcat installation folder or application directories under webapps, unless otherwise instructed by the documentation or the support team. Additionally, do not place backup files or other files in these directories. Doing so may result in unexpected and severe system errors.
MySQL <Only when using MySQL as an external DB>

Is the transmittable packet length of the database sufficient?

In the case using MySQL, configure max_allowed_packet.

Is the setting value for the number of MySQL connections sufficient?

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– max_connect_errors

Network OS
Are the ports used by the product correctly allowed in the firewall?

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For Linux, check if the number of threads and number of file descriptors are set correctly.

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SELinux policies are configured appropriately?

If SELinux policies are not configured appropriately, SELinux needs to be disabled.
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Brekeke CIM:
Check Point Item
Have the settings required for integration with CIM on the PBX side been already configured?(1)

[PBX] > [Options] > [Valid WebSocket client IP Pattern]
⇒ Sets a regular expression pattern that matches the IP address of the CIM as seen by the PBX.

Have the settings required for integration with CIM on the PBX side been already configured?(2)

[PBX] > [Options] > [Advanced]
⇒ CIM does not use the RINGING event, so this setting improves performance.

Are the CIM database initialized and set correctly?

-Setting information database is required.
-Log database is mandatory when using non-CIM CCS apps.
*If the application that references the log database is running on a machine other than CIM, the database must be accessible from those machines.

Are the settings for connecting to the PBX correct?

[Settings] > [System] > [Start up] ⇒ Is “Auto” set?
[Settings] > [System] > [IP address] ⇒ Is IP address of the PBX set?
[Settings] > [System] > [Webservice Port] ⇒ Is port of the PBX(tomcat port)?

When using the system from an external network, is URL conversion set?

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Are the resource settings correct?

[Settings] > [Resource] > [Max user session count] ⇒ Maximum number of concurrent login sessions for CIM users, including agents.
[Settings] > [Resource] > [Max agent login count] ⇒ Max Concurrent Agent Logins.

Is CIM working?

[Start/Stop] > Has [Start] button clicked?
Is the status display at the bottom of the screen showing “CIM Running” and “PBX Status Connected”?

Are the DNIS and ACD settings correct?

DNIS:Check [Schedule] and [Target ID]
ACD: Queue settings and [Call-From Number]

Have ACDs been assigned to users?

On the [User] menu, check the ACD field of each user.


Brekeke CA:
Check Point Item
CA Are the CA database initialized and set correctly?
Has CA been registered to CIM?

[Settings] > [CIM] > [CIM URL]
[Settings] > [CIM] > [CA URL]

CA Confirm that the status display at the bottom of the CA screen is “CIM Connection State Connected”.
CIM Confirm that the status of “Brekeke Contact Analytics” is “Running” on the [Application] screen of CIM
Are the CDR aggregation settings appropriate?

[Settings] > [Engine]
-Interval (min)
-Start time
-End time
-Short calls (msec)
-Service level reference value(msec)

Is CDR Server working?

[Start/Stop] > [Start Up] is Clicked?
Does the status display at the bottom of the screen indicate that the “CDR server Active”?

In the case that recording files should be tied to calls on the [Call record] screen,are RFS settings correct?

[Settings] > [RFS]
[Connect Recording File Server] ⇒ Yes
[File server URL] ⇒ Select appropriate URL of the RFS

Brekeke RFS:
Check Point Item
Are the RFS database initialized and set correctly?

*If the apps referencing the RFS database are running on machines other than RFS, then those machines need to be able to access the database.

On PBX, have the settings to upload recorded files to RFS been configured?

[Advanced] com.brekeke.pbx.Setting.RECORDING_PLUGIN=com.brekeke.pbx.plugin.recording.RecordingFileHttpUploader com.brekeke.pbx.plugin.recording.RecordingFileHttpUploader.URL=http://<rec-file-server-ip-address>:<port>/rfs/gate com.brekeke.pbx.plugin.recording.RecordingFileHttpUploader.VOICEMAIL=false

Has RFS been registered to CIM?

[Settings] > [CIM] > [CIM URL]
[Settings] > [CIM] > [RFS URL]

CIM Confirm that the status of “Brekeke Recording File Server” is “Running” on the [Application] screen of CIM



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