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Check Point Item
Check system requirements for Brekeke product

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Check tomcat settings (server.xml)

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Set tomcat startup order

in the unit file of tomcat, configure that tomcat need to start after the DB(*1) and Network interface become ready. mariadb.service

*1. Only when DB is running as a thirdparty database in the same server, the entry like “mariadb.service” or “mysql.service” is needed.

Is the heap area of Java VM used by tomcat sufficient?

CATALINA_OPTS=”-Xmx8192M -Xms512M”
Xms: initial heap size (default 1/64 of physical memory)
Xmx: maximum heap size (default is 1/4 of physical memory)

Is the number of tomcat threads sufficient?

– maxThread
– maxConnections

Is tomcat’s POST size limit sufficient?

maxPostSize unlimited(-1)is recommended.

MySQL <Only when using MySQL as an external DB>

Is the transmittable packet length of the database sufficient?

In the case using MySQL, configure max_allowed_packet.

MySQL <Only when using MySQL as an external DB>

Is the setting value for the number of MySQL connections sufficient?

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– max_connections
– max_connect_errors

Network OS
Are the ports used by the product correctly allowed in the firewall?

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For Linux, check if the number of threads and number of file descriptors are set correctly.

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SELinux policies are configured appropriately?

If SELinux policies are not configured appropriately, SE Linux needs to be disabled.
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Important! Have e-mail settings been configured so that administrators can receive system alerts?

Register the mail server: [SYSTEM] -> [Email] -> [Settings]
Confirm that an email address is registered for each system administrator user: [SYSTEM] -> [System Administrators] -> Select a system administrator user

This setting is very important for notifying administrators of system alerts via email.

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SIP Server
Are the interface address and remote address pattern set correctly?

Be especially careful when under NAT. It is necessary to set the global IP address of the router.
[SYSTEM] -> [Configuration] -> [System] [Interface address X]
[Remote Address Pattern X]

Is the RTP port range appropriate?

<Common to PBX/BSS> [SYSTEM] -> [Configuration] -> [RTP] ->
[RTP exchanger]
[Minimum Port] [Maximum Port] [Minimum Port (Video)] ⇒ Set to 0 as it is included in the audio RTP port
[Maximum Port(Video)] ⇒ Set to 0 as it is included in the audio RTP port
<PBX Only>
[PBX] -> [Options] -> [Settings] -> [PBX system settings]
[Min RTP Port]
[Max RTP Port]
[PBX] ->[Options] -> [Settings] -> [Media Server system settings]
[Min RTP Port]
[Max RTP Port]

PBX <PBX Only>

Is the Phone ID in the extension number appropriate on PBX?

[PBX] -> [Extensions] -> [Users] ->
[Phones]⇒ Check each user’s phone ID is appropriate.

SIP Server
Are SIP users created on the SIP Server?

[SIP SERVER] -> [User Authentication] ⇒ Check if users are created properly.

PBX <PBX Only>

Keep call recording files separate from voice mailbox of each user.

[PBX]>[Options]>[Settings]>[Media Server system settings]>[Conversation recording file in voicemail inbox]
Check if “No” is selected properly.
*Since the voice mailbox has a limited capacity, it is usually set to “No” to save the recording file separately.

PBX <PBX Only>

Are REGISTER notifications disabled?

[PBX] -> [Options] -> [Settings] -> [Notification for Registration]
⇒ Is it set to “disabled”? Set to “Enable” only when the application using PAL WebSocket needs Registration information.

PBX <Only When outside line is set on PBX>

Are the ARS settings correct?

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PBX <PBX Multi-tenat edition Only>

Check the maximum number of concurrent calls.

On the [TENANT] > [Options] > [Capacity] >[Maximum concurrent calls] field, set the value higher than the configured value at [Maximum users]. (To avoid failure of recording)

Network OS PBX <Redundancy case Only>

Have necessary settings been made?

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※The above instructions introduce the example that heartbeat monitoring is performed on the management network, but actually we recommend setting up heartbeat monitoring on the service network so that the system can detect failure of service or service network disconnection.

PBX <Using Brekeke Phone/WebPhone case only>

Have necessary settings been made?

PAL、WSS、and https access to tomcat, PushNotification
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PBX <Using Brekeke Phone case only>

Are the connection settings correct?

[PBX] -> [Options] -> [Settings] -> [Domain (Host:Port)]
⇒ Are the host and port that BrekekePhone accesses set?

PBX <Using WebRTC devices only (Brekeke Phone/WebPhone)>

Is SSL Certificate created correctly?

Access to the Tomcat and WSS ports on your Brekeke PBX via SSL certificate checker website to check if there are any issues.
⇒ Example of the certifiate checker website:

Phone <Using Brekeke Phone case only>

Have necessary permissions are granted on the device?

Camera, Microphone, Notification

Phone <Using Brekeke Phone case only>

For android, is it set to run in the background?

(Is “Battery optimization” set to “Unrestricted”?)Is “Floating Display” turned on?


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